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PTSD, mood disorders, and contraindications of float therapy

Hola. I have the opportunity to sit down with a prominent massage therapist, meditation teacher, and clinical mental health masters student this coming Tuesday to discuss floating's efficacy with mood disorders and PTSD. She is also interested in con...
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Brochures for Health Professionals

Does anyone have a written brochure for professionals in the health & wellness industry to explain how float therapy services work, how they would be able to refer patients/clients to us, and processes for getting clients floats covered under the hea...
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Financing float tanks with poor credit or no credit ?

Just wondering if anybody knows anything about recieving financing for float tanks if you have poor credit or no credit ? People with no credit can receive financing for houses and cars and so on, is it the same for float tanks ?...
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Is it possible to build commercial tanks on your own ?

I'm planning on starting my own float spa in a location that has absolutely no competition anywheres for about 4 hrs driving . Ive been researching into float tanks and the prices are absolutely insane for what you get . Really most of them are just ...
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Float cabins for sale at rediculous price.

Hey all. Our float spa has moved spaces, before opening, and our new space does not have room for float cabins. We have 2 new ACE float cabins (same as the one on stage at last year's float conference), still at the factory ready to ship. ACE is now ...
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Floatation tanks in movies/T.V shows

I am creating a list of all movies or T.V series which showcase float therapy. So far I've got: 1.)Altered States(1980): The film is pretty widely known so I'll just post the link 2.) Simpsons SO10 Ep 16...
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New Epsom salt solution

Hi, just wondering if Epsom salt mixes faster in warm water or room temp water? Also for a new solution besides pure Epsom salt should I use sodium bicarbonate or PH up To increase the PH lowered by the salt. Or would that depend on how alkaline my ...
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Flow through density meter

Hi Kane, does float med tech have a flow through density meter? If yes would you know who else uses it to automate this part of the maintenance? And do cold and warm water readings differ? thanks...
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I have a 3 year old Dream Pod (possibly two pods) for sale. Original price is $22000 USD. I'm asking for $8500 USD + Shipping and Handling - The magnetic pump and heater is still in good condition. The pump and heater is built to last.- There's one ...
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Perfect light switches for float tanks

Hi fellow floaters! I am designing my own tank. Just wondering where can I find the best buttons or light switches for the tank that won't get spoiled or stuck because of the salt? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...

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